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Office high compartment

Office high compartment

Office Partition Feature:
Guangcheng groups it is a high partition installation fast, efficient and environmentally friendly products and modern office wall, actually required by the design and fashion scene, you can show the life office space most rational glory. The main products of high quality aluminum frame material unified structure, can use repeatedly detachable, complete surface according to any combination of personal preference, so you always being in the fashion work environment.
Environmental requirements
All materials are in line with a national building material standard. After the installation of office floor will not leave any harmful gases.
Unique design style
Modern fashion design, make your work space is no longer plagued by the limitations of time can show unlimited free space according to your needs.
Flexible spatial separation
Break the limitations of stand completely changed yesterday brickwork Pihui history, let me in a modern building in groups for you to add highlights.
full functioning
The combination of rapid installation and give you valuable time to create unlimited, virtually repeated use many times your cost savings can be freely arranged within the framework of the line let your light touch.

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