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Company profile

Company profile

Shenzhen baoan district xinan guangcheng screen building materials business, was founded in early 2000, is a collection research and development, design, production, sales, installation, after-sales service as one of the cut off enterprise. Its production of active partition (50,65,85100) type, office high partition (80100) type two products, more than and 30 series
The company has finished production workshop, the workshop production of metal parts of a total of more than 6000 square meters, the introduction of foreign advanced cutting equipment, to ensure that the products of high standard and precision. Company comprehensive application of IS09001-2000 quality management system, to ensure the stability of the product quality.

The company learned from the United States of the new design concept, with noise, stability, integration of many years of market experience, in the country has a number of R & D patents. Group of art to cut off the quality first, service-oriented business philosophy to meet the needs of customers for the purpose, with perfect after-sales service in the division of the industry come to the fore.

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