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Company news

Aluminum partition spatially separated functions

Aluminum partitions can only achieve the traditional spatially separated functions, and he's lighting, noise, fire safety, environmental protection, easy to install, reusable, on mass production and so obviously superior to the traditional partition.
Aluminum can be applied not only to cut off the office. It Expo venues, exhibition venues, large and small conference rooms, function rooms, star hotels, office buildings, commercial office buildings, luxury villas, universities, banks, hospitals and offices, large enterprise unit
Control room, central control room, fine processing workshops. But the current production of the manufacturers, mostly staring office decoration market, so businesses are accustomed to high office cubicles referred to as high partition.
As conventional aluminum-magnesium alloy frame, professionally designed profiles, specific style 10-12 cm single glass partition steel products, style, outside the framework of 5 + 5 cm steel hollow double glazing plus shutters can choose a variety of colors or is the true nature of aluminum-magnesium alloy, used in the office or banks, institutions, government departments can be, very good sound insulation, conventional about 45dB, one kind of cut off the top of the form.

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