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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

Restaurant cut advantage

Restaurant cut advantages:
   1, in the large dining room should be a variety of effective means to divide and define the various dining areas, in order to ensure the relative independence and reduce the mutual interference between each region.
2. The business of the restaurant should have a dedicated customer population, lobby lounge, cloakroom and sanitation door.
3, the restaurant should be set close to the kitchen, but the population pantry should be dealt with in a more subtle, but also to avoid the smell and fumes from the kitchen into the restaurant. The restaurant area is determined to be reasonable indicators, targets too small, will cause congestion; index is too large, will cause the area of ​​waste utilization is not high and increasing labor intensity of staff and so on.
4, customer Packages Directions and route delivery service should be separated to avoid overlapping, but also try to avoid the main stream line cross
5, features a restaurant should be with suitable arrangement dinette and corresponding decor.
6, the interior color should be established on the basis of a unified decorative style, such as color should elegant restaurant, and bright, with light colors; while the restaurant is relatively warm, luxurious, with heavier color tone. In addition, it should also take into account the use of warm colors can increase appetite, to increase comfort, cheerful mood.
7, should be mainly made from natural materials, in order to give a warm, warm feeling. In addition, the ground should choose tolerance, wear-resistant, easy to clean material.

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