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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

What are the advantages of the advantages of high cut off ex

Office partition, also known as high compartment, high partitions, partition walls. Modern office environmental lighting, noise, flexible design, repeat disassembly comprehensive needs of binding products, but also the inevitable trend of industrialization and decorating, its main and auxiliary components are processed at the factory, on-site assembly is completed, the impact of traditional decoration pattern. it combines modern decor concept, both in a traditional enclosure features, more storage, display of results, not only to save office space, but also make the office environment, simple, modern and full of personality can be used for public spaces, reception, negotiation and recreation area manager in charge of space, conference room space, training space, staff space.
   Office cubicles have been widespread in the major office environment, office high compartment has a kind of characteristic? What motivated office cubicles so rapidly developing!
Traditional wall interval has not meet the requirements of commercial office space, whether it is convenient or cost-effective layout, high compartment modern technology has seen a lot of benefits, here are the advantages of office partition:
   1, can move, repeatedly repeated use, sound system data simply will not bring the waste to the environment, is a green building materials, the use of long life, in the long run, means Harbin Yong Kang is a high-compartment system means other than information way partition information cheaper and more cost-effective.
2, the use of the process, you can always swap doors, windows, solid block, the location of the glass partition, re-combination of re-use of information after off loading, its minimal damage, and can often greatly reduce the office relocation costs incurred .
3, the internal structure can then stop the local cable laying. Do not hit the wall embedded, cable maintenance, change is more convenient, the strength of electrical parting, cable trays can play a role in shielding the signal line. Single glass office high compartment
4, means fast, capable of daily means 15 square meters per person.
5, fire-resistant fire compartment system composed entirely of metal construction, glass, steel and other materials the same color fire retardant, Fire Resistance compartment system data can reach 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
6, non-polluting emissions of odor, can use immediately after installation.
7, there are door seal, door trapezoidal side, door is trapezoidal mouth, high tightness and sound insulation
8, can be installed in the middle of the glass door, use them extremely convenient.
9, venetian blinds can be installed internally, not easy to dirty, no-clean. Melamine board office cubicles
10, sound insulation, partition walls has a very good sound insulation.
11, choose a variety of materials can be selected from the double glass and blinds, can choose color plate, gypsum board, melamine board, fire board, cloth and velvet.
12, a variety of colors to choose from, each material has a variety of colors, different colors are available with the use of components. Information finishes can be specified by you or even provide arbitrary color and texture.
13, a small construction impatient tone. Four weeks does not affect people's work and life.
14, the effect is stylish, elegant, simple, elegant.
High compartment space to make more beautiful environment
In recent years more and more people have been paying attention, the small area of ​​housing consumers, but also has a very practical significance. Put a high compartment from the door into the door to see who can block the aisle inside the line of sight, so to facilitate the arrangement of the room as well as some changes in life and living.
Currently, high compartment has been regarded as arranged, decorated room, bedroom, a necessary improvement products due to high product compartment with a partition space regional role and landscaping as well as its flexible, easy accessibility, environmental protection and other heavy and more practical features.

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