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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

The hotel lobby is separated off design requirements

That cut off the lobby design should pay attention to the space separating the following points:
1, and cut off the design should particularly pay attention to the choice of materials, is a high-end hotel, service establishments, so give the user the experience of higher, better visual appearance, so the material can not choose too common, but the effect is good, .
2, cut the shape of choice, according to the style of decoration design appropriate partition shapes, such as Chinese classical style, more choice partition wall modeling class, European-style multi-select stylish glass partition and a metal partition. Cut off the effects of different styles are different.
3, cut off the choice of colors, the choice of colors may be cut off to choose the right color to match the cut according to the overall color of the hotel lobby. Alternative and avoid feeling uncoordinated.
From the above three points can be packaged into the lobby a warm, comfortable, beautiful, safe and integrated set of space for customers to leave one kind of feeling of the occasion.

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