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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

Cut off the wall design should pay attention to the problem

The characterization of the partition wall panels are not load-bearing, so the shape of a large degree of freedom in the design should pay attention to height, the length and the actual situation changes such unity. And so a series of problems wall panels are designed to note, wall panels have Chinese style, Japanese style, rustic, classic style, wall panels design and decoration style pattern gradually unified, silhouetted against each other!
Cut off the wall design should pay attention to the problem:
1, color matching wall panels are part of the office, and the color should be a fundamental part of the office coordinated. The company's main business culture closely linked, such as kfc main color is red white orange in color choice should pay attention to this point of time.
2, the choice of materials and processing according to the above two principles, we carefully selected and processed materials in order to achieve a good image-building and the wonderful mix of colors. In particular, the compartment is a non-functional components, so the material can be decorative effect in the first place. Office wall accessories material, mostly aluminum alloy, surface spray treatment may be pornographic, and create rich color style to match the style of the company's unique image.
Mastered these basic principles, we can according to their own preferences to design the living room partition. In general, the overall style of the room after the determination, the corresponding partition using this style. Sometimes, however, adopted different style, can achieve good results, it is generally used complicated partition style on the overall style simple.
Office partition office partition and connections can be divided into the word connected, l-shaped connection, y word connection, t word connections, cross connections, a variety of special-shaped word connections. Office screens and accessories can be selected to connect the table supporting frame, side table support frame for panel fixing station screens, deputy station supporting frame, deputy station connecting piece for the sub-table is fixed to the screen or on the main stage.
Office partition using visual barrier to varying degrees, can be reasonably and effectively take advantage of limited space, scientific combination of various independent work stations, screens so effectively improve the utilization of the unit space, but also create a comfortable working environment. Office partition with multiple styles, a variety of models of the duckbill combination table then fight, and office partition with various drawers, file cabinets with, saving renovation costs, reduce project costs. The office partition sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.
Plus a half wall partition wall do: If used between the living room and den Jiaqiang do partition (partition walls), will make the space feel cramped produce, take half with Jiaqiang, half off the screen method, the effect is much better. Has some transparent feeling, also it played its due role in the partition. It may be between the living room and bedroom with high ceiling not to cut off the way that height Jiaqiang reaches two-thirds of the height of the space. The opposite of the restaurant set in the living room, in the middle without any partition.
Compartment space is limited, while not completely separated means space, such as between the living room and dining Shelf, the use of partitions can distinguish different types of space, and to achieve mutual communication space between.
Partitions are very common, but most poorly designed, technology and art combined with enough clever. Currently on the market more popular compartments are divided into "glass partitions, office cubicles, gypsum compartment, soft partition, high compartment."

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