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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

The restaurant's design principles partition

Living and dining rooms as a hotel and home of two of the most important functional areas in the interval division more and more obvious. Because the partition modeling seem spacious, nice shape, so more and more people will be transformed into the kitchen partition style. What are the specific category, the design principle is kind of how it? With the view.
Floor hollow wall as partition between the living room and dining, not only gives a psychological hint spatial separation, but also to ensure the privacy of the living room, when the owner sitting on the sofa, it will not be a stranger outside the gate peep . Wall texture and dark black floor restaurant and create a harmonious echoing, hollow pores but also let the light through, so as to ensure the entrance area during the day natural light.
Glass sliding door partition as shape, but the use of double-bottom glass cabinets as lockers, so that both can be placed decorative art of body space, but also play the role of partition, so that the entire kitchen and dining vivid picture cut off fine.
Mobile kitchen door wooden structure with a combination of glass as a form of partition Kitchen & Dining, Kitchen & Dining make either two spaces remain private, and can be combined together to make it, so the kitchen and the restaurant is now cut off in the form of home improvement is more Common.
Of course, the shape of the kitchen and the restaurant is varied off using windows partition action is more popular. Between the kitchen and the restaurant window as a way to cut off, and then on the window display some knick-knacks, so that both can play the role of partition, and can make more space Artistic sense.
Kitchen & Dining cut off not only in the physical presence of the partition wall, in-kind look more blunt cut off, cut off by the space law and dining off the kitchen, both to maintain the unity of space, but also the entire space looks wider, which for a small apartment kitchen remodeling is more appropriate.

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