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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

Choice of toilet partition materials

(1) cut off the bathroom floor material: the ground should be waterproof, dirt, non-slip granite, height should be lower than other ground 10--20mm, floor drain should be less than about 10mm, in order to facilitate drainage.
(2) toilet partition walling materials: the walls of the bathroom area of ​​the maximum shall choose waterproof and strong, but also has anti-mildew and anti-corrosion materials. Easy to clean ceramic tile, marble, mosaic and other multi-color can be rich collage pattern is smooth and easy to dry, the wall material is very useful, but be careful with the ground material color unity. For example, toilet partition, toilet partition such materials metal materials in addition to water but also have many other advantages. Such as light weight, energy saving, easy installation, maintenance and recyclability strong; high strength, stiffness, and not deformed, load; impact even outside forces, able to maintain its shape is not easy to change. Good noise insulation, heat, moisture, fire protection, non-toxic, environmentally friendly; and so many other advantages.
(3) the top surface of toilet partition material: the top surface by the influence of water vapor, the most easy to mold, heat-resistant material with waterproof better. Colorful molding Lvkou generally use acrylic molding and ceiling, these materials are water resistance, surface and affixed with an insulating material, is ideal bathroom ceiling timber specifications to 120mm wide and 300mm * 300mm square shaped main surface configured with empty plates with two. Acrylic molded ceiling lower prices, but easy to aging; colorful molding Lvkou higher prices, but a variety of colors, durability, is the main material used in modern bathroom ceiling. In addition, the use of aluminum plate or calcium silicate board, which is coated with cement paint, lower prices, waterproof and strong.

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